Justin Gaethje mocks Conor McGregor’s retirement by saying he’s ‘on another bender’ – The Sun

JUSTIN GAETHJE has mocked Conor McGregor's retirement after the Irish shocked the MMA world on Saturday night.

The Irish star, 31, announced his retirement for the third time hours after UFC 250.

But many were immediately dubious over whether this was a genuine retirement from McGregor or just another attempt to seek attention on a night when MMA fans were focused on UFC 250.

One person who rubbished the move was interim lightweight champion Gaethje, who said: "Thankfully all of the elderly are still hiding in their homes.

"This guy is on another bender #propershit #ByeFelicia. Great fights tonight Cody No love with the performance of the night."

Gaethje was referring to an incident which resulted in McGregor being fined £860 in November after he was convicted of assaulting an elderly man in a Dublin pub.


And the American fan-favourite has not made any attempt to hide how little regard he has for McGregor ever since that unsavoury action.

He previously said: “It doesn’t take even a very decent person to hate someone that goes around the way he does, walking with his chest in the air.

“He’s acting like the world owes him something, we’ve all been there once or twice in our life but he’s doing it at the highest level.

“And he’s doing it with ill regard for others. Punching an old man in the face, that speaks for itself.”

Gaethje's barbs have worked in prompting irritated responses from McGregor.

Last month he threatened to "f***ing butcher" Gaethje in a series of X-rated social media posts.

He said: "I am going to f***ing butcher you. Your teeth. I’m going to put them on a f***ing necklace.

"Speak on my skills as a father? You are f***ing dead.

"You are a f***ing blind fool, and I am going to finish the job."

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