Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry slammed for visiting Delaware beach during coronavirus pandemic just weeks before her due date – The Sun

TEEN Mom's heavily-pregnant star Kailyn Lowry has come under fire from furious fans slamming her choice to visit a beach in Delaware in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

The reality TV star, 28, who is nine months pregnant with her due date any time soon, took her family to the sands for a day out, yet the busy public space might not have been the best for social distancing.

She lives in the area and perhaps fancied the chance for some fresh air with her three sons.

Yet after previously declaring she will not vaccinate her kids against the killer air-borne bug when treatment becomes available, Reddit users saw the Teen Mom alum's trip as completely unacceptable.

One started a thread on the blogging site with the question: "Why the f**k is this 9 month PREGNANT woman visiting a coronavirus hotspot?"

One then replied: "This is a trend with her….. She’s traveled to Puerto Rico during the Zika crisis while pregnant and Iceland at the beginning of Covid.

Another put: "She doesn’t vaccinate her kids and refuses to wear a seatbelt while pregnant. "This isn’t shocking to me at all."

A third bluntly wrote: "She has a very clear and long history of poor decision making. Not surprised at all."

One then mused: "It's one thing to not care about yourself but putting your kids in danger like that??"

Another suggested Kailyn was acting so boldly for attention, and put: "For the likes!

"It's fine! She doesn't believe in vaccines anyway!"

Yet one chose to defend her chance to enjoy some time with her three boys before her new tot's arrival and put: "Because she takes the boys on a trip before the baby comes.

"I remember her saying she went to Puerto Rico as a last trip together so I guess she's doing something like that here."

Meanwhile, Teen Mom OG grandma Debra Danielson previously posted a lengthy message on her Instagram directed towards Kailyn, in which she suggested she did not believe the pandemic is real.

Teen Mom star Farrah's mom posted a video of herself discussing the coronavirus pandemic while wearing a blue wig and an OG necklace.

She captioned the post: "I was saddened to hear that Kailyn from Teen Mom doesn’t believe in the current COVID-19 pandemic we are all going through right now.

"I share my thoughts on this and emphasize how important it is to take this situation seriously and take proper actions to help lessen the potential impact the virus can have.

"Please everyone, stay safe and take this seriously."

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