Mom of slain Bronx hoopster Brandon Hendricks says gun violence has ‘shattered my heart’

The mother of a promising Bronx high-school basketball star bemoaned the street violence that took her son’s life and — said she can never forgive the unknown gunman who shot him dead.

“This person that takes my son’s life, I have no forgiveness for that person,” Eve Hendricks, 49, told The Post Tuesday. “I’ll never ever forgive that person as long as I live because that person took away my word. That person shattered my heart.”

“We always talked about gun violence, especially in our community,” she added. “And as much as we talk about black power and unity, but it’s like we’re killing each other and there is no one to step forward and say, ‘This is it.’ It just has to end one way or another.”

“I just think they should ban guns,” she said. “There is too much opportunity and how do poor people get guns? It comes from somewhere and I think they need to find a better way of handling it.”

Brandon Hendricks, 17, was at a friend’s birthday cookout late Sunday when gunfire broke out and he was shot once in the neck. He was rushed to St. Barnabas Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

According to a chilling account of his last moments, a friend told The Post Monday that the teen’s final words were, “Call my mom.”

Eve Hendricks spoke to The Post Tuesday from the basketball court outside the family’s Morrisania Houses apartment, where one of two memorials for her son sprouted up Tuesday. The other is inside the lobby of their building, where candles spelled out his nickname — B Diddy 5.

A standout on the basketball court, her son was captain of the James Monroe High School team for two years, until his graduation last week. Relatives said he was exploring offers to play in college, with offers from as far off as California.

“He wanted to live,” his mom said. “This was not his destiny. His destiny was to live forever and to be the greatest of all. He was the greatest of all. He was very smart. He always thinks about others before he thinks about himself.”

Eve Hendricks said she looked forward to her son’s expected college career away from the dangers of the public housing project where he grew up — and where he persevered as a successful student-athlete.

“It’s not where you live, it’s how you live, and he’s a good example of how a child should be, and I have no regrets,” she said. “I am so proud to be his mom and it hurts so much. It hurts. I can’t even cry.”

“I still can’t believe he’s not here,” she added. “I refuse to believe. If you knew my son, he had the most beautiful, biggest smile. He’s my world.”

Police have not announced an arrest in the case as of Tuesday morning.

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